Where do italian Public Administration web sites live?

Pubblica Amministrazione - valutazione rischi e beneficiIt’s important how we choose our hosting provider and it depends on a lot of aspects. As a Public Administration I first would identify my visitors profile: how many they are, from where they connect (country), through which ISP they connect to the Internet.
Answering those simple questions I could select an hosting company that best fits my needs.

Now, in Italy the broadband consumer market (land lines) is dominated by Telecom Italia with a 49% share, Wind with 15.7%, Fastweb 14%, Vodafone 11.9% (Q1 2014 data).
1Q-2014 italian broadband land lines

Mobile market shows the following data: Telecom Italia 34.2%, Vodafone 30.7%, Wind 24.3%, H3G 10.8% (Q1 2014 data).
1Q-2014 italian broadband mobile lines

That simply means that your web site, in Italy, should be perfectly reachable from Telecom Italia customers, Wind’s, Vodafone‘s and Fastweb‘s. It is true for the majority of italian Public Administration’s web sites, our study finds. Out of 8.405 hosts, 25.41% is hosted by Telecom Italia, 23,41% by Aruba and 6.6% by Fastweb.

Here you can read which Autonomous Systems are hosting more than 100 italian Public Administration web sites:

1968 AS31034 ARUBA
1710 AS20746 Telecomitalia SPA
555 AS12874 Fastweb SPA
426 AS3269 Telecomitalia SPA
388 AS24994 Genesys informatica SRL
373 AS5396 MC-link SPA
314 AS5602 KPNQwest Italia SPA
270 AS31638 Lepida SPA
251 AS44084 Multiwire SRL
238 AS12637 Seeweb SRL
166 AS44831 Insiel SPA
146 AS9104 Clio SPA
142 AS16276 OVH SAS (FR)
131 AS2594 CSI Piemonte
121 AS6882 PEGASO Regione Toscana
116 AS3242 ITnet SRL
113 AS39729 Register.IT SPA
107 AS41651 Regione del Veneto
106 AS8075 Microsoft Corporation (US)
101 AS24940 Hetzner Online AG (DE)

Some of the ASes listed above actually connect to an Internet exchange point thereby reducing the average per-bit delivery cost of their service and improving their routing efficiency and fault-tolerance. Although a lot of them are not exchanging Internet routes with Telecom Italia, I’ll leave out the discussion about Telecom Italia de-peering decision.

[Raw hostnames from: http://siamogeek.com/analisi-siti-pa/download-dati-analisi-siti-pa/ ]

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