How to run Zimbra Collaboration 8.6.0 GA on AWS

Not really an how to. If you want to run Zimbra Collaboration Open source edition 8.6.0 GA on an Amazon Web Services ec2 instance you just have to launch my ami available in Community AMIs.

It’s a fresh Zimbra deployment on a Gnu/Linux Ubuntu Server 14.04 64 bit.

I used a HVM (hardware virtual machine) virtualization type with 4 different volumes:

sda1 for OS
sdb for OPT (/opt)
sdc for INDXS (/opt/zimbra/index)
sdd for MSGS (/opt/zimbra/store)

Ubuntu root password is ‘zimbra’
Zimbra admin password is ‘zimbra’

Customize it to best suit your needs and enjoy.

N. Virginia: ami-7d548d16
Oregon: ami-270c0317
N. California: ami-cd10ed89
Ireland: ami-90f6bce7
Frankfurt: ami-06fcf91b
Singapore: ami-32565b60
Tokyo: ami-f82796f8
Sydney: ami-194e0f23
São Paulo: ami-efe769f2

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