Who leads Italian Public Administration websites around by the nose?

Pubblica Amministrazione - valutazione rischi e beneficiThere is a phenomenal concentration of power in the hands of a few: Internet has seen growing over the top players during the last twenty years.

But I think that when it comes to Public bodies, a public interest service, like hosting of websites, should be protected and not open to blackmail by anybody.

What I wanted to find is where do italian public administration websites actually live (refer to my previous article for a comparison) and if there is a dangerous scenario for that important public service.

Our research considered a wide (and comprehensive) number of Italian public administration websites: 17,679 (kudos to Tonino Andrenacci who gave me reliable raw data). There are more than 8,000 town halls, more than 8,000 schools, more than 1,000 national and regional bodies.

This is how we did it, domain by domain:

  • query for IN A record (and IN AAAA);
  • query for its originating AS number;
  • query for whois data of involved ASs;
  • publish top scoring ASs.

This is the list of 24 ASs (ie 5.59% out of 429 ASs) that are hosting in IPv4 more than 100 domains each (belonging to PAs):

Domains # AS # Country RIR AS NAME
6863 31034 IT ripencc ARUBA-ASN Aruba S.p.A., IT
820 20746 IT ripencc ASN-IDC Telecom Italia S.p.A., IT
638 16276 FR ripencc OVH OVH SAS, FR
576 24994 IT ripencc GENESYS-AS genesys informatica srl, IT
525 3269 IT ripencc ASN-IBSNAZ Telecom Italia S.p.a., IT
515 12874 IT ripencc FASTWEB Fastweb SpA, IT
421 12637 IT ripencc SEEWEB Seeweb s.r.l., IT
402 47242 IT ripencc COLTENGINE COLT Engine S.r.l., IT
383 5396 IT ripencc MC-LINK MC-link Spa, IT
363 24940 DE ripencc HETZNER-AS Hetzner Online GmbH, DE
301 5602 IT ripencc KPNQwest Italia S.p.a, IT
260 39729 IT ripencc REGISTER-AS Register.IT S.p.A., IT
220 8855 IT ripencc ASN-PROMO PROMO.IT SRL, IT
190 31638 IT ripencc ASN-LEPIDA Lepida S.p.A., IT
187 44831 IT ripencc INSIEL-AS Insiel- Informatica per il sistema degli enti locali S.p.A, IT
160 52030 IT ripencc SERVERPLAN-AS Server Plan S.r.l., IT
155 6882 IT ripencc RTRT-PEGASO Regione Toscana, IT
141 2594 IT ripencc ASN-CSI CSI Piemonte, IT
135 8075 US arin MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK – Microsoft Corporation, US
124 8612 IT ripencc TISCALI-IT Tiscali Italia S.P.A., IT
123 137 EU ripencc ASGARR Consortium GARR, IT
119 12835 IT ripencc INFOTN-AS Trentino Network S.r.l., IT
117 41651 IT ripencc ASN-RVE Regione del Veneto, IT

So, 24 different Autonomous Systems are serving 13,870 domain names (78.45%), out of 17,679.

Should be noted that just 3 of them, owned by 2 renowned corporations Aruba (AS31034) and Telecom Italia (AS20746 and AS3269), are holding 8,208 domain names that is 46.43%.

AS31034 alone is serving around 38.82% of all Italian public administration domain names.


Now, what about IPv6 speaking websites?

Well, just 195 (1.1%) domain names out of 17,679 have an IPv6 address in place as well, 136 of them (69.74%) are served by AS12637, Seeweb.

Domains# AS # Country RIR AS NAME
136 12637 IT ripencc SEEWEB Seeweb s.r.l., IT
9 8560 DE ripencc ONEANDONE-AS 1&1 Internet AG, DE
9 13335 US arin CLOUDFLARENET – CloudFlare, Inc., US
7 48635 NL ripencc PCEXTREME PCextreme B.V., NL
7 16276 FR ripencc OVH OVH SAS, FR
5 47217 IT ripencc PLANETEL Planetel Srl, IT
4 15169 US arin GOOGLE – Google Inc., US
4 137 EU ripencc ASGARR Consortium GARR, IT
2 29671 DE ripencc SERVAGE Servage GmbH, DE
1 9026 IT ripencc ULI-MAIN Utility Line Italia S.r.l., IT
1 8564 IT ripencc ROL Raiffeisen OnLine GmbH, IT
1 6939 US arin HURRICANE – Hurricane Electric, Inc., US
1 6724 DE ripencc STRATO STRATO AG, DE
1 60460 IT ripencc ASN-DOTNICE dotNice Italia srl, IT
1 59715 IT ripencc SBTAP-AS Comune di San Benedetto del Tronto, IT
1 44898 IT ripencc GUEST GUEST.IT s.r.l., IT
1 40244 US arin TURNKEY-INTERNET – Turnkey Internet Inc., US
1 36351 US arin SOFTLAYER – SoftLayer Technologies Inc., US
1 32934 US arin FACEBOOK – Facebook, Inc., US
1 29169 FR ripencc GANDI-AS GANDI SAS, FR
1 24940 DE ripencc HETZNER-AS Hetzner Online GmbH, DE



Read also my previous (2014) article about: IPv6 in the Internet resources of italian Public Administration at a glance.

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