FT Winery Tour – Umbria

April 21, 2022 all-day
ARNALDO CAPRAI Società Agricola s.r.l.
Località Torre
Provincia di Perugia
FT Winery Tour - Umbria @ ARNALDO CAPRAI Società Agricola s.r.l. | Umbria | Italy


The ever-increasing capacity demand from users requires a deeply
architectural update aimed to optimize the operators’ network
infrastructures to become suitable to deliver the best quality of
service to the Customers.

The event is dedicated to internet providers, cloud administrators, data
center operators, peering managers, network and security engineers.

It aims to take a focused look at the new network infrastructures
required to ensure quality, reliability and performance for the next
generation broadband services.

The event is designed to discover the ultimate best practice for building
modern networks services able to fulfill the best user experience.

The eight stages of the Wholesale Winery Tour will go across the
country to meet the operators closer to their work locations and to
help them to build, grow or make stronger the local networking

Internet Service Providers

Cloud Providers

Data Centers

Network and Security Engineers

Peering Managers

Access Networks

Fiber optic access networks continue to grow as a key component of a
long-term business strategy, even for small operators.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) networks still play an important role in
reaching broadband coverage targets in areas of market failure.

Transport Networks
A high performance, low latency, scalable, reliable and resilient transport
network should be the must-have asset for any service provider.

To ensure business continuity, service providers must minimize the risk
of outages by improving the reliability of aggregation nodes
implementing redundant architecture in main PoPs.

Peering & Transit
Peering communities are the key solution for keeping the local traffic local,
which is mandatory in the era of user generated content.

The traffic patterns have evolved radically in the last two years.

The previous transit strategy is no longer suitable for the new streaming
services and real time delivery of the content generated by our own users.

During the event we will analyse the experiences of the local
operators that investing to fill the infrastructure gap.

We also discover solutions and services designed to support them to
improve the quality of Internet access for residential and business users.

Morning plenary

Round table

Business lunch

Exhibition and networking

Winery tour

Social event

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